Horror Blogger Alliance [2013]

A - Andrew's Desk
A - The Angry Scholar
A - Alien Invasion Zombie Apocalypse Fitness

A - Ashes and Rashes
B - Best Horror Movies

B - Bad Horror, Good Times
B - Behind the Walls of Nightmare
B - Blood Ritual Monarch 

B - Bones of Brittany 
C - Cannibal Reviews
C - Carpe Noctem 365
C - The Cinema Monster  
C - Cinema of Horror
C - Coffintree Hill 
C - CYoungMedia
D - Daily Dose Of Horror
D - Darkscrybe

D - Dawning Horror
D - Deid Bastards

D - Doctor Havok's Haunt of Doom
D - Dr. Brillenschnitzel
E - E. A. Nash - Horror and Supernatural Fiction
E - Edge of the Fringe
E - Every Night is Halloween 
F - @fake_shemp
F - Film Dick 
F - Films From Beyond the Time Barrier

F - Fringes of Horror
G - The Garden of Sin 
G - Girl Meets Freak
G - Gunsmoke and Ghouls
G - Gore with Soul

G - Gourmet Horror
G - Grimm Reviewz 
H - Halloween Horror Happenings
H - Halloween Love Blog
H - Hallow-Holics Anonymous 
H - Horribly Hooched [Adult Content]
H - The Horror Blog
H - Horror Boom
H - Horror Cult Films

H - A Horror Diary
H - Horror Movie Project
H - The Horror Newsstand 
H - Horror on Screen
H - Horror Snark
H - Horror by Mateo Hellion
H - Horror Journey

I - Il Boia Scarlatto (The Crimson Executioner)
I - Into a Scary Realm

J - Jordan and Eddie
K - Kevin Lucia
L - Lasers, Monsters and Barbarians Oh, My! 
L - Librarian of the Dead
L - The Living Dead (TLD)
L - Lovecraft Reviews 
M - The Manchester Morgue
M - Machinations into Madness 
M - Mixed-Up Monster Club
M - M.K.Bell: Official Blog
M - Mom's Secret Horrors 
M - More Horror 

M - Movies At Dog Farm
O - The Oak Drive-In
N - Necropolis Macabre
N - The Nerdcronomicon
P - Pearce's Horror Movie Reviews
P - Pickled Cinema
P - Play With Death 
P - Playground of Doom
P - Popcorn Culture
R - Ravenous Reads
R - Run And Scream! 
S - Scariest Movies Online
S - Shaking Hands with Savages
S - The Sick Land
S - The Single Bullet Theory 
S - Stigmatophilia 
T - Theater Of Guts
U - Unreliable Narrator 
U - Undead Machinery
V - Vikingessa
W - Warden Stokely Horrorzine 
W - Ward's Creepypastas

W - We Came from the Basement
W - Weekend Horror!
W - Whispers from the Abyss 
W - Wicked Things Horror Blog

Y - Yesteryear Horror
Z - ZombiecideDK 
Z - Zweapons

Horror Blogger Alliance [2012]

A - Abomination Magazine
A - Alex M. Kimmell
A - Annie Walls
A - Anthony J. Rapino's Offcial Site
A - Apocalyptic Fiction
A - Asian Horror Flicks
A - Attention Earthlings!
A - Awake at Midnight
B - Bibliotheca Obscura
B - Black Planet
B - Bloody Brooklynn
B - The Bloody Morgue
B - Books of Blood
B - Book Review Club
B - Born Killers
B - Bloody Banana Peels
B - Books of the Dead Press
B - Book of Monsters
C - Celluloid Terror
C - Chills and Chuckles
C - Cinema Schminema
C - Cinematic Shocks
C - Critters and Gods
C - The Craftastrophe Diaries
C - The Creature Crypt
C - the Cyn and the Horror Movies
C - Candy-Coated Razor Blades
C - CinEnemA
C - Cinema Terror
C - Creepy Glowbugg Concoctions
D - Dark Critics
D - Dark Lucidity
D - Dollar Theater Massacre
D - Dr Steve Jones
D - Dwelling in the Darkness
D - Dying To Write
D - The Devil Made Me Watch
D - The Doctor Will See You Now....
D - Dead Ends Zombie Stories
D - Dead Stir
D - Digital Macabre
D - DreadWorld
E - eBook Nightmare
E - Exquisite Corpse
E - The End of Summer
E - The Evil von Scarry Show
E - Everything of Horror-Horror movies, and books reviews
F - From the Mind of Tatlock
F - From the Basement of Tatlock
F - The Funhouse 
F - Fractures Films
F - The Fringes
G - Get Jack'd!
G - Gorehound Mike`s Wild Cinema
G - gotta/enk films
G - The Grim Reader
H - Hallowdean Hollow
H - Head In A Vice
H - Hereticwerks
H - Horror Access
H - Horror Homework
H - Horror on Hayling
H - Horror Junkies
H - Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai
H - The Horror 
H - A Haunting on the Screen
H - Hell Broke Luce
I - Il Posto Nero
I - Into The Dark
I - Isaacs Picture Conclusions
I - It Came From The Man Cave
J - Jack Is Writing
J - J.S. Lawhead
J - Jenny's House of Horrors
K - K.N. Porter [Horror Author]
L - La Petite Morgue: Live Horror in NYC
L - Left Field Films
L - Les Ingoruptibles
L - Life After Undeath Horror Reviews
L - Looks Dark Blog
M - Mad Moral
M - Madam Monstrous
M - Macabre Movies
M - Martha's Journey
M - My Write Side
M - Metropol Movies
M - Misty's Mind Game 
M - Movies Left For Dead
M - The Monkey Rodeo
N - Necrotic Cinema 
O - Obscurendure
O - Obsessions to Share
O - Oh The Brewtality
O - Old Horror Movies
O - The Other Side 
P - Paul Parducci's Blog
P - Parlor of Horror
P - Pulling Teeth - Alan Ryker
P - Precious Monsters
P - Punk You
R - RA for All: Horror
R - Reel Bloody
R - The Roadside Revenant's Rot and Roll Revival
R - Reapers With Issues 
R - Robert Seppälä
R - Ryan's Reviews
S - Scary Minds
S - Slashers, Starlets, and Sleaze
S - Space Jockey Reviews 
S - Stabford Deathrage Shoots His Mouth Off
S - Stuart Gordon's Lab Report
S - Stumptown Horror
S - Samhain Sunrise
S - Spooky Franklin
S - Stranger With Friction
S - Subtitlemeplease
T - Terror Dreams
T - Texas Lipstick Massacre
T - Thadd Presley Presents
T - They Made Me Do It  
T - Thrill Me!
T - Twilight Ridge
T - Two Awful Babysitters
U - Uncle Doug's Bunker of Vintage Horror Paperbacks
V - Vampire and Zombie Tips and Theories
V - Videotapeswapshop
W - The Way To A Woman's Heart Is Through Her Ribcage
W - Watching The Dead 
W - Weird Girl
W - World of Vacancy Blog
W - The Whorer
W - The Wrath of Blog
W - The Writing is on the Coffee Cup
Y - The Year of Halloween
Z - Zombie Joe's Tavern
Z - Zombie Parkour Two
Z - Zombie Survivors Blog
Z - Zomblog Of The Dead
Z - Zombob's Zombie Movie News And Reviews

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