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October Madness and 13 Chills...

Halfway There!!
First, we have had a huge group added on this month, it's only the middle of the month... I only have a little time to share the list, these new HBA Members will be added to the master list soon. I just wanted to get them out to you the rest of the group.
Comin' At Cha...Cha... Cha!!
Second, I now you have been thinking about stopping over to the "13 Chills" brought to you by "Howlin' Wolf Records"... it's more than halfway done. So stop thinking and start clicking over right now, great things are happening. 

Third, if you go visit this list of newbies, let them know where you came from and you are glad they are members... these sites are deep in the scary stuff. Lots of cool stuff going on for the Halloween month and I am sure much more to come.
Thanks everyone!
HBA Curator 

List of the newest HBA Members:
Dead Ends Zombie Stories

Zombie Survivors Blog
King Vulture

The Other Side

Isaacs Picture Conclusions
ei (THE IPC)

Books of the Dead Press

The Roadside Revenant's Rot and Roll Revival
Roadside Revenant
Weird Girl

Bloody Banana Peels

A Haunting on the Screen

Reel Bloody

The Evil von Scarry Show
Evil von Scarry

Digital Macabre

Book of Monsters
A Briggs

Jack Is Writing

Creepy Glowbugg Concoctions
Creepy Glo

Samhain Sunrise



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Wow, that is a lot of horror blogs!

WatchingTheDead said...

Welcome guys, gals and ghouls. I've got some reading to do!

ei said...

THANK YOU!!!! ei from Isaacs Picture Conclusions

The Roadside Revenant said...

Thank you So Much for my Inclusion Within these Haunted Halls!!! I Hope to Live Up to, or in my case Un Live Up To the Standards of all these other Spooky Sites! Thanks to You all For such a Grand Idea as an Alliance of Horror Bloggers!!!

A Haunting on the Screen said...

Thank you for including "A Haunting on the Screen" in the Alliance! I'm proud to be included with all the great blogs on this site!

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