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HELLO NEWBIES... [Updated 09-18-11]

Okay, there have a whole lot of new HBA Members and or a very long time for me to update the list, as always please make sure you are on the list to the right. If not let me know, also you will notice I dumped and started a fresh "New Members Only" page. I did this to make it easier to edit and to stop all the nasty emails I am getting because for what ever reason it clicks back to you every time someone adds something.  IT'S CUSTOMARY TO SAY THANK YOU, LAST UPDATE... NO ONE SAID THANK YOU... OR EVEN BOO.

Jeremy [iZombie]
HBA Staffer
So here is the list of the newest HBA Members:
Scream Or Die

The NeuroZombie [AKA Wm. Eric Downton]

Horror Author - Vanessa Morgan
Vanessa Morgan

Scary True

Halloween Shows
Travis aka Scumbag Trav

Two Gory Chicks

The Cosmicomicon
T.E. Grau


Random Reviews Incorporated
Dom Coccaro

Zombie Hall
Kev D.

The Scream Queen
Scream Queen

Six Degrees of Hell

A blog by your new friend!
Florence Isabel

Dreams in the Lich House

Castle Macabre
Michelle/The True Book Addict

Sex and Monsters
Will Penny

I Think, Therefore I Review

Fallen Bettie's Horror House
Fallen Bettie

The Screaming Goregasm

Rise and Fight!
Greg Wesolowski

Much of Madness/More of Sin
Jeff C

Everybody Likes Yikes!

Sommething wicKED this way comes....
Ked Meade "wicKED"

Rantings of Legally Brunette


wicKED said...

Thanks for the add! Sounds like you have lurkers... they need to get some B.A.L.Z.

Join the fight for followers!

Beedo said...

Cool cool - thanks for the add. Now I just need to work my way down the list of HBA bloggers and check out what's out there!

Screaming Goregasm said...

Thanks a lot!
I feel so honored. :)

Dom Coccaro said...

Thanks! And BOO!

I just posted a review of Skeeter, a straight-to-video "giant mosquito" flick from 1994. In addition to sci-fi/horror films, my blog also features hard rock/heavy metal album reviews, wrestling reviews, horror comic book reviews and the occasional soda/junk food review. The site is updated DAILY.

Thanks again!

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

What a coincidence, Jeremy! I just checked the site last night. Thanks so much for the add. I will be making my away around the blog, time permitting! I know a few of your members have already visited and followed since I launched at the end of August.

Be sure to stop by everyone. I'm having a bunch of giveaways this month and next month too!

Count Travula said...

Thanks for the add! Adding banner to my page in a few. Thanks again!

Kev D. said...

Happy to be here.

Scared said...

Thanks! I've always wanted to be part of an Alliance.

J. D. Lockhart said...

Thanks for the add! Looks like we're all on the same team here.

Kristin Snouffer said...

Happy Happy Dance! Thanks for the add!

The Scream Queen said...

Thank you!
Looking forward to getting my horror fix from some of you lovely people :D

Legally Brunette said...

thank you for adding me! many many thanks! ciao ~b

florence_felstead said...

fanks 4 the add!

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