If you could make a Reboot Horror Film...

What would it be and why.
With all the latest trends in Hollywood, the "Remake" what would you like to be done over or redone?


Maynard Morrissey said...

I'd love to remake a few 80s slashers, f.e. Final Exam or Graduation Day

Michael said...

Billy the Kid vs. Dracula.

Drunketh said...

I don't know how much I gotta explain this since I've actually composed a whole remake for Lamberto Bava's Demons! Check it:


What would it be and why? It would be Demons (see the link and photoshop slides I made). Why, because even though Demons is one of my favorite films of all time, we still need MORE Demons films. So I wouldn't mind a remake. Even if it were straight up like I imagined in my blog-post, or if it were something different. I know that one cool ass mofo came out with the new Demons Mini-Comic for the overseas release and that is something absolutely splendid.

Point is, if someone gave me the cash and sent me to Italy for a day, I'd make three of these fuckers back to back to back! And no matter how much they sucked, I bet they'd still be as awesome as shit if you got drunk or high. Which, if I did get Leo DiCap in it by now, he'd have to play the pudgy seat attendant instead of Nicoletta. Heh.

Jason said...

HOUSE OF THE DEAD! One of my favorite games turned into the worst movie ever by the worst director ever. Why do I own this movie? Its a guilty pleasure. Some body some day will remake it. Give it five years.

Mr. Xploit, Esquire said...

Paul Naschy's Night of the Werewolf. It would have be set in a castle once again, but with better actresses that are younger, a better and nastier unfolding of events and really great make-up effects.

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