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Vincent said...

Due to a heavy work schedule I've decided to put my watercolor experiment on hold. I am, however, continuing with experiments in color in general (I know that sounds a bit odd coming from an artist, sorta like the Iron Chef challenger who specialized in the use of salt, but that's where I'm at right now).

Also, just posted a new skully, gore type thing.

Wings said...

Have nothing right now to post, been slowly queueing (is that a word?) posts for October!

Bad Ronald said...

Bad Ronald is giving away a Blu-Ray copy of FROZEN. AND a Frozen promotional stick of lip balm (no kidding).

Go here;

Morbidementia said...

Just published part 4 of Puppet Master Marathon, part 5 will come later this week. Possibly even part 6! Hard to tell, they take a looong time.

Hook's Haunted Hollow said...

Working on making a showcase video of all our completed corpses/Zombies for our Haunt. (Six in total I believe). All currently moth balled lol! Featuring one character every few days starting with our King of the Liches.

Detector said...

Hey Stuff Cats Like has been completely revamped. Also we are now accepting outside contributors. The pay is only $10 an article. Anything about horror movies or fiction is welcome. If you are a horror pinup we pay $25 per photo. Must have paypal.

Send all submissions to

The Halloween Blues said...

Be sure to check out our interview with Horror Rock sensation Calabrese as part of our "Month of Music." We're also giving away a copy of their newest CD.

As part of the finale to all this, we've got an interview coming up this Friday with Midnight Syndicate.

Monday we've got "Gaming with the Devil" looking at all the scary games coming down the pipe and on Wednesday it's another Costume Critique.

This Friday I'll be attending the Eyegore Awards and I'll have a live twitter feed for that and Saturday we'll have all the pictures up from the event. Hopefully I'll snag a few questions from some of the celebs that'll be there.

Lastech said...

I've added a gallery to our site (JBoD) on Friday, and I will publish a review on Wednesday of "I sell the dead" with Ron Perlman, Dominic Monaghan and Larry Fessenden.
Also coming up this week is a follow up to our review of "Malpertuis": a write up of Neil Gaiman's "American gods" and Harlan Ellison's "Deathbird stories".

Lastech said...

Whoops, I deleted the last of my post:

Or click on y name...

silverferox said...

Just posted an article: David Cronenberg's CHROMOSOMES Exhibition and RED CARS Installation

Spooky Sean said...

Got a new post up, about how dissapointed I am in horror recently.
Check it out at

Spooky Sean's Blog

Chante said...

I don't have a contest up yet but soon. I have been away from my blog most of the summer but now I am back and with all of the undead chasing me too! hahaha!

iZombie said...

Having a "Win iZombie's Closet Contest"

Check it Out...

Big Daddy aka Brandon Sites said...

Looking for an additional writer for You would be responsible for at least 5 posts a month and meeting deadlines. It would be a mixture of personal posts related to the site theme and some movie reviews. No pay, but you would have exposure on a blog that does over 20000 hits a month and continues to grow (my blog is only 7 months old!). I just became an IMDB news desk partner so that will ensure the growth of my blog.

If interested send a writing sample to bigdaddyotb@spinfinder. My site theme for Oct. is "31 Days of Halloween". A pretty open topic. No posts on the Halloween films or Trick R' Treat with Anna Paquin. It can be a personal post or one on a movie or TV series. That writing sample should be related to that topic. Thanks.

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