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Time for some Shockingly Sinister Shorts!

Hello Horror Fans! I am wicKED and I look forward to bringing you some shock..maybe a little chill from time to time.Tis the season for tales and stories of the macabre. Hope you enjoy!

*a phone on a bed side table rings in the middle of the night.* 

Woman answering phone: Mmmph…..*clears throat*…..Hello? 

Mysterious caller: Hello, I am your new neighbor down the street. It looks like there are some kids messing around your house. You better have your husband go out and check on it. 

Woman answering phone: Oh no, my husband is out of town on business. I don’t know what to do. 

Mysterious caller: That’s ok. You can meet me on your front porch and I will help you look around. 

*the woman springs from the bed and heads to the closed bedroom door when she pauses and checks the caller ID built into the cordless phone* 

Woman answering phone: Wait a minute. I don’t even know you and the number on the caller ID is a cell phone number. You could be an axe murderer calling from anywhere! I don’t trust you. 

Mysterious caller: That is too bad. I was giving you one chance to trust in humanity, but you failed. You could have went to your porch and escaped to safety, but you didn’t. You are wrong about me being an axe murderer. I prefer knives, but you are right about the fact I could be anywhere. Turn around……..

For more like this, prowl around my blog *HERE*....or just wait ..I am sure to drop another or three!

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Halloween is a few days away! For fun and to contribute to the splatter season. The Horror Blogger Guild is hosting a first Annual Halloween Blog Carnival! The theme for the carnival is Halloween! The sacred holiday, the season, the movies, and or the great pumpkin massacre - be creative and have fun. Below are instructions on how you can participate.

Who can participate: Everyone and their friends.
Deadline: Monday OCT 20th at Noon.


Welcome the new HBA MEMBERS and say "HELLO"...and like always check here and the MEMBERS LIST to make everything is working links, names, etc.
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Just thought I would mention it, I wanted to share my "T-SHIRT" store with you all... located at Here you can get a couple of exclusive HBA designs and purchasing one will help keep this place moving, been running into more "life issues" lately and many of my sites have begun to suffer. I also wanted to see if there was any interested in being a contributor here on the HBA, I know I have asked in the past. I just been so behind I really cannot remember those who were interested.  So please show your support, get a shirt... make a donation and or at least very say hello!

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Welcome the new HBA MEMBERS and say "HELLO"...and like always check here and the MEMBERS LIST to make everything is working links, names, etc.
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Many might know this, but I am the official promotional person for "HOWLIN' WOLF RECORDS" and today marks our 20th and 21st releases for soundtracks. Releasing the scores to 1980's Classic Horror film "THE BOOGEY MAN" [Score] and Horror film "JACOB" [Score]. I have been busy in the behind the scenes for the last several months, also tending to some personal stuff. If you could click on over to find out more about these releases or the post below, we are a great label bringing you some of more independent film score.
For now I want you all to welcome the new HBA MEMBERS and say "HELLO"...and like always check here and the MEMBERS LIST to make everything is working links, names, etc.
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Howlin' Wolf Records: Now a Word from Our Sponsor!

1980's Classic Horror film "THE BOOGEY MAN" [Score] and Horror film "JACOB" [Score] are HERE!
Proud to announce for the first time on Cd and a great iconic score that is music composed and performed by Tim Krog. From our label, Howlin' Wolf Records... we bring you the score to 1980's cult classic "THE BOOGEY MAN"!


You know we all have a special friend like Jacob, always looking out for you... well then you should always look over your shoulder. Howlin' Wolf Record releases it's 21st score to the disturbing film "JACOB" composed by Iain Kelso and it's dark piece. I like it, it's good to listen to as you make your way home in the deepest darkest woods.


For More Information and to Order:
Howlin' Wolf Records

Please Visit Our "On-Line Magazine":
Howlin' Wolf: OLM


Written by Del Lowry, Neal Fischer, David Nevarez and Drake Linder
Directed by Del Lowry and Neal Fischer
Produced by Rough Cut Films

Starring: Mia Doran, Joe Caballero, Brian Rooney, Joette Waters, Madalyn Mattsey, Aubrey Joyce Tunnell, Jessica Galang, Kelsey Sante, and Lynn Lowry

Dead Girls is a horror anthology that follows three stories of abused and forsaken girls who return from the dead to take their revenge. In one, a ghostly apparition seeks revenge upon the man who betrayed her love and is responsible for her death. In another, a mystical object helps a young woman reach out from beyond the grace to exact her revenge upon the cruel sisters she wanted so much to be a part of. And in the third, an orphan girls’ prayers are answered by a surprising entity.

Join us for an After Party/Networking Event – included in the ticket price! Can’t make it to the film screening but still want to swing by? Tickets for the After Party are $5 at the door starting at 9:00pm.

MORE INFORMATION: Greenhouse Theater

June 10th @ 7:30pm
Doors Open @ 7:00pm
$7 Advanced / $10 at Door
Running Time: 91 Minutes

Good friends of this place, we support our friend's and our friend's projects! So if you can make it, then you should go!
Jeremy [Retro]
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