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Dire Warnings April: Welcome to Night Vale

In this month's Dire Warnings we step over into the aural realm of podcasts.  I was never very interested in podcasts until a friend recommended this particular show to me.  Some of you may know about this podcast already.  If so, I beg your indulgence as I share the terrifying wonder that is Welcome to Night Vale. 

Sometimes horrifying, sometimes funny, sometimes creepy, sometimes just plain strange, Welcome to Night Vale chronicles the transmissions from a community radio station in the strange desert town of Night Vale.  The voice of Night Vale is that of the show's radio host, Cecil Palmer.  Cecil's deep resonate voice echoes the eerie essence of the many strange events that happen in Night Vale.

To avoid spoilers, I will not share any information about the plots within the show, but instead recommend that you at least listen to the first few episodes.  Welcome to Night Vale truly speaks for itself.  It whispers in your ear when you are lying fearfully in your bed.  It moans unintelligibly behind the closed door to your basement.  It breathes gently on your neck when you think you are alone in the dark.  It's okay.  It's just your imagination.  It's safe.  You are alone...sure you are.  Also, the podcast is an extremely contagious memetic virus.  If you are reading this, then you have already been infected.  There is nothing left to lose.  So go ahead, give it a listen.  Go ahead, listen.  Listen. 

You can subscribe to this podcast via iTunes or Stitcher or Libsyn or any podcast app or Soundcloud.  They have also recently made the podcasts available on Youtube.  Although some might recommend that you listen in the broad light of day, Welcome to Night Vale really should be heard in the dark.

Good Night HBA, I will see you in time.  You've been warned.


Dire Warnings: The Void

Jesse Campbell here from Zombie BitesJeremy has invited me to the HBA to do some posting.  I promise to try my best to be entertaining and bring you some fresh horror as often as possible.  If I can't bring you something fresh, I'll at least post something weird and off putting.  With Dire Warnings, I'll be covering the gamut of horror from movies and fiction to comics and games or whatever horrible thing happens across my path.  I'll also be turning my focus to the HBA itself with a spotlight on different member blogs.  Right now I'm aiming for a monthly frequency, but if I come across something that simply cannot wait, I may post more often than that.

"There is a Hell.  This is worse."  The thing that is on fire for me right now is an upcoming horror movie: The Void.  The creators of Manborg, Father's Day, and the "W is for Wish" segment of ABC's of Death 2 are working together again to bring us this agressively unsettling piece.  If you don't know anything about The Void, drop by the indiegogo page and take a gander.  The creators are running a campaign to fund the creature effects for the movie.  Here is a creepy poster image for the film to whet your appetite, but be sure to check out the disturbing campaign trailer.

That's all for now.  I'll see you in thirty, but until then, you've been warned.



Chicago, IL – In addition to the 19 guests previously announced, Walker Stalker Con has announced that Melissa McBride, Danai Gurira, and David Morrissey, will be attending the convention, located at the Navy Pier, downtown in Chicago, IL on February 21 & 22, 2015.
Walker Stalker Con returned to it’s inaugural city of Atlanta in October of 2014 where it’s guest count reached nearly 35,000 attendees across it’s three day span. It also assembled more cast members of The Walking Dead than any other convention has, as well as other horror genre actors.
Walker Stalker Con is not just a convention. It is a fan meetup and an opportunity for each guest to come away feeling like they’ve had an amazing experience and became part of a greater community of zombie lovers! Walker Stalker Con is two days of events, panels, and experiences that zombie fans won’t find anywhere else!

Confirmed guests for the convention include (with more to be announced):

Chandler Riggs / Steven Yeun / Manu Bennett / Emily Kinney / IronE Singleton
Michael Cudlitz / Christian Serratos / Josh McDermitt / Alanna Masterson
Lawrence Gilliard Jr / Jeff Kober / Chad Coleman / Sonequa MartinGreen
Jose Pablo Cantillo / Travis Love / RJ Mitte / Giancarlo Esposito / Jeryl Prescott
Daniel Thomas May

Full event schedule can be found at
Follow on Twitter @WalkrStalkrCon
Facebook at Walker Stalker Convention
Official: Hashtag #WSCChicago

MUCK Scares Off Heavyweight Competition!!

Paramount Pictures isn't going to compete with MUCK for horror fans bucks this Friday the 13th, March 2015. The studio just announced that they are moving the release of Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension back some several months.

The gods of horror smiled upon the MUCK franchise when the perfect release date of Friday the 13th, March 2015 was set. The date is significant not only because MUCK stars Kane Hodder, known for his iconic role as Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th film franchise, but also because the horrific events of MUCK take place entirely on St. Patrick's Day, yielding the perfect storm in the month of March for MUCK.

MUCK director Steve Wolsh "wasn't afraid" when Paramount announced that the 6th entry of the Paranormal series would open against his film. Now, many months later, we find out that it won't. Why does the Paranormal franchise suddenly have cold feet? MUCK may have simply scared them off. With a successful MUCK: Kickstarter campaign having recently funded the MUCK prequel, MUCK pre-orders piling up, and an upcoming premiere at the Playboy Mansion, one can't deny all the positive buzz surrounding MUCK. Has David spooked Goliath?

I am thrilled it's almost here and here wiping out the competitors...
Jeremy [HBA Curator]


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FROM OUR SPONSORS: Howlin' Wolf Records Releases "SHOCK WAVES and "THE TOY SOLDIERS"...

Shock Waves [1977]: proved to be a film of several firsts. It was the first of the "Nazi zombie" films which has entered and stayed in the pop-culture mainstream, firmly establishing itself as a fan favorite since its premiere. It opened up the territory for other Nazi zombie pictures , including Zombie Lake (1981), The Treasure of the Living Dead (1982, also known as Oasis of the Zombies), Hard Rock Zombies (1985), Horrors of War (2006, aka Zombies of War), Outpost (2008) and Dead Snow (2009), not to forget the highly-popular manga and its spin-off anime, Hellsing (1997-2009).

First feature for director Ken Wiederhorn, as well as composer Richard Einhorn. Wiederhorn's thesis film at Columbia University, Manhattan Melody (1973), had previously won the Student Academy Award for Best Dramatic Film in its inaugural year. Shot on a shoestring budget, with the gracious participation of two film heavyweights in Peter Cushing and John Carradine, It proved that one didn't over-the-top effects or technical perfection to create a movie of chilling psychological horror.   

The Toy Soldiers [2014]: Written/Directed by Erik Peter Carlson   Starring Constance Brenneman, Chandler Rylko, Najarra Townsend, Jeanette May, Nick Frangione, Samuel Nolan, Thatcher Robinson, Megan Hensley, Andre Myers, Izzy Pollak, Kevin Pinassi and Amelia Haberman.

On one evening in a decade of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, the innocence of youth and family unravels. Five parallel coming-of-age stories dramatize the stages of grief. A youthful mother in a custody battle over her children, finds tranquility with the bottle. The abuse of her ex-husband still haunts the children; a nineteen year old drug addict, and his younger brother, a bullied closet homosexual.There's the story of the dog; a teen who offers sexual favors to gain acceptance, the challenged classmate who would do anything for her love, and the redhead beauty, haunted by a secret, tragic past. These lives and others will change forever on this final evening before their hangout, The Toy Soldiers Roller Rink, closes its doors for the final time.

Just Announced! For more information on these two releases, please visit "HOWLIN' WOLF RECORDS".  One is a classic horror film "SHOCK WAVES" released in 1977 and the other is "THE TOY SOLDIERS" a current film.
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